Bet responsibly

June 22, 2016

Romanian Law prohibits people under the age of 18 to make any kind of betting activity.

Betting offices can ask ID cards for proof that you have the minimum allowed legal age for performing betting activities.

Every gambler dreams at becoming a millionaire and there’s nothing wrong with that, but you have to dream with your eyes open and not risk more than you can afford. Don’t get influenced by a potential winning amount when you establish your stake, but go from how much you are willing to lose.

In reality, a lot of gamblers bet on large amounts of money, other than the budgeted ones and that affects their lives on all sides. The idea of making a lot of money in a short period of time can lead to addiction and that thing has to be controlled, not necessarily avoided.

To be able to transform betting into profit, you have to respect a few rules:

  1. Start betting from the amount you are willing to lose and start making a budget that won’t affect your financial situation.
  2. Bet only the money you established for betting, never the money you use for paying your bills or your savings.
  3. Establish a profit plan and adjust your betting strategy according to that plan.
  4. If you win, don’t get tempted to raise the stakes or bet using systems that were not proven.
  5. Don’t rush and don’t risk.
  6. Don’t get influenced by the potential win when establishing your stake, but start from the amount you are willing to lose.